Best Read Before Contact


Where are you based?

I session exclusively out of my beautiful, well equipped and modern play space Inanna. Inanna is based in N15, north London. The studio is a ten minute walk from Seven Sisters tube on the Victoria line, three stops up from the central London station Kings Cross. I will also session from hotels, assuming they are centrally located.

Learn more about my sacred space, Inanna Studio.

How do I book a session?

It’s so easy it hurts. Just visit Request Me and complete the submission form. Please be aware that I am not a service domme, and I only accept a limited amount of submissives. My choices are based on the quality of your application, so please be polite and thorough.

Can I make outfit requests?

You may let me know of any outfit preferences, but please be aware my clothes are at my discretion and I wear only what I choose to wear. I will not accept requests to disrobe or wear lingerie. If you want me to wear something specific, I expect that it is purchased for me and not taken from my personal wardrobe.

How long is a session?

My minimum session length is one hour.I reserve extended sessions (three hours plus) for people I have met and played with before, although I am open to negotiation if you prefer a longer experience. I usually recommend a 90 minute experience.

What are your rates?

I do not publish my rates online. If you are interested in booking a session, please complete my request form to enquire and I shall share my rates. I do not consider it a waste of time for you to make an initial enquiry without booking a session.

Do you offer double domme?

I do offer double domination sessions with a number of my friends of choice. Please contact me directly to enquire. Please be aware that whilst I am open to doubles with your preferred domme, it is at my discretion. It’s my preference to session with women whom I know and whose approach is similar to my own.

What are your limits?

Just like you, I have my own limits. Please be aware to learn about me and my approach before booking me. I practice erotic and sensual domination- you may not wish to book me if you’re looking for heavy degradation.

Please do not request intimate worship, oral worship etc. I do not offer full service.

I do not offer scat, heavy blood play, permanent marks, anything involving animals. I do not offer racial play. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask me- I may not be able to offer what you’re looking for, but I do not kink shame.

Is climax permitted?

Climax is welcome in my sessions.

What are your specialities/favourite kinks?

Please visit my home page to learn more about me. I practice sensual and erotic domination, I love to touch and tease. My specialities include tie and tease, sensory deprivation, psychological play and anal play. I absolutely love all things anal! I also enjoy bondage, foot worship, impact and oral fixation- though my biggest kink is power exchange.

Do you switch?

I am a total dominant - I only offer domination.

Do you see newcomers?

Yes, and I love it! I love to help people begin their kink journeys. If you are new to kink, I can take a gentle and explorative approach.

Do you see women? Do you see couples?

Absolutely! I love couple sessions and helping partners explore the world of kink together. I also see single women, too. I love women and their sexuality and welcome them as much as men.

What if I don’t like pain..?

BDSM is a hugely broad umbrella, and everyone’s taste is unique. You do not have to enjoy pain to have a session or explore kink. Whilst I do get a huge rush for corporal punishment, I specialise in the gentler, more erotic elements of play. You absolutely do not need to enjoy pain and I wouldn’t inflict anything that was not within your limits.

Are you looking for a personal slave?

In short, no. I choose my personal and lifestyle submissives from my loyal regulars. Any lifestyle play is limited to those who have served me in real time sessions and earned my trust. I may occasionally need assistance with cleaning and driving but I tend not to use people I have not met and bonded with.

Do you attend dinners, drinks or events with your slaves?

I love to attend dinner, drinks, hotel bars, ballet and opera with my submissives. Please note that time with me is always tributed. Whilst I hugely appreciate you offering to take me for dinner on a friendly basis, unfortunately due to my schedule I cannot make exceptions and I am grateful for you respecting my time with a financial donation.

I want to become a dominatrix. Do you offer apprenticeships or mentor?

Due to legal concerns and my workload, I am afraid it is impossible for me to train and mentor. However, helping other women access their power and explore kink safely and with experience is important to me, I do offer one to one or group training- but I am afraid I cannot take on any full time apprentice or have guests ‘sit in’ on sessions. If you would be interested in learning from me, please complete my request form, telling me about yourself and what you’re looking to explore.

Do you offer online sessions?

I am predominantly a real time dominatrix. Whilst I am able to engage in online keyholding, financial domination and text sessions, due to the amount of real sessions I take, I am unable to offer video or Skype sessions.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

This is very standard practice amongst dommes and non negotiable. I will not accept a session without a deposit of some form- deposits weed out time wasters, no shows and last minute cancellations, as well as being an integral part of my safety vetting process. If you are unable to put down a conventional deposit, please contact me about potential alternatives.


If you have read and understood my terms, you are now ready to request me.